Emergency Services

Use the information below to contact emergency and non-emergency services.

If this is a true medical emergency, call 911.

Medical Emergencies

911 should be used for a true medical emergencies.

When should you call 911? Dial 911 in any “EMERGENCY”. An emergency is any serious situation where a police officer, fire fighter, or emergency medical help is needed right away.

Dial 911 for EMERGENCIES such as:

  • crimes in progress
  • poisoning
  • drowning
  • stabbing
  • choking
  • unconsciousness
  • life threatening situations
  • shooting or display of weapons
  • fires
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • injuries requiring emergency medical attention
  • fire alarms, smoke detectors or carbon monoxide alarms that are sounding
  • sparking electrical hazards
  • smoke in a building
  • hazardous chemical spills


When Not to call 911? Below are some examples of NON-EMERGENCIES:

  • power outages during a storm
  • barking dogs
  • lost pets
  • finding a towed vehicle
  • asking directions
  • inquiring about school openings and closures
  • reporting a blocked driveway, obstructed hydrant, etc
  • asking about snow emergencies or parking bans
  • reporting a noise complaint
  • seeking information from a police or fire office
  • asking about a late school bus
  • checking the weather
  • reporting rust in the water or dirty water
  • reporting garbage problems
  • reporting street lights out
  • reporting no heat problems
  • reporting found hypodermic needles
  • asking about traffic tickets


Troop K, Skippack
2047C Bridge Road
Schwenksville, PA 19473
610-584-7238 (Fax)


Skippack Fire Company
1240 Bridge Road
P.O. Box 1
Skippack, PA 19474


Skippack Emergency Medical Services, Inc.
4058 Mensch Road, P.O.Box 59
Skippack, PA 19474