Spring and summer are upon us and we look forward to spending more time outdoors and vacationing with our families and friends. During the next few months, we invite you to explore our many trails and parks that provide outdoor exercise for your family, including our four-legged family members. You can get to many different locations within our township by walking, running, or biking, whatever your choose.

Businesses, large and small, complement our community by providing great restaurants, entertainment, boutiques, spas and places for social gatherings. Many offer home services such as construction and landscaping. The choices you make when shopping are valuable. Frequenting our local businesses helps support our local economic stability.

The spring and summer seasons are also when real estate is in high gear and new families will make Skippack their home. We have so much to offer in the way of open space, trails and parks, along with a great school system for our children to grow and flourish.

For many years, we have not increased our real estate nor earned income tax, but have continued to keep Skippack a safe and very desirable community.

We have worked hard to strike a balance between growing and maintaining the distinctive and historical value of Skippack, thanks to the efforts of our township staff, my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors, and of course all our community members. Even now, as new homes are built, we take the time to ensure that buildings of great historical importance, as well as lesser-known structures that teach us about our past, are protected from demolition.

Our Skippack Township offices work hard every day to make sure that our community thrives, voices are heard, and we continue to enjoy safe, happy lives, while preserving the unique and historic value of our community.

Wishing you all a great spring and summer.


Franco D’Angelo

Chairman, Board of Supervisors